Drascomber Lugger. Project started fall 2016.

This lugger was rescued from a jungle of overgrowth. Her previous owner  had taken good care of her, but age and health issues meant the boat fell into disrepair and abandon. He later passed on, and as a promise to his son, I will record the improvements we we go. Lola is now sailing and […]

Squid Designs PREDATOR

The Brainchild of John Dornellas, with input from pro spearfisherman Cameron Kirkconnell. They wanted a paddleboard to go spearfishing big fish.  The result is what we believe is the solution to many pratical needs while on the water. Ability to anchor, board that is quiet in the water,  light, fast, and the abiliy to carry […]

Squids on the podium!

Conratulations Ian McFarland, for a 1st place in the C to C 11 mile race Ian Used the 14′ squid. “I even passed a 4 man canoe, and a dory.” According to Ian, ” this board just surfs the waves effortlessly and keeps momentum for so long.  It is so stable and easy to paddle.” […]

New Boards

Wave 8’10″x29″  – 14 lb New design, 9’10″x30.5″ for bigger people, or someone wanting a stable yet very maneuverable board. This board picks up waves very easily, and has great speed for playing through closeout sections.  

Some technical details

Avoiding delamination and warping of your board As we pull out our band new board and go play in the water, we rarely think just how much stress is at play both outside and inside the board. Nowadays, most boards that will cost over $1000 reach that price because of the type of construction and […]