Centerboard top cap and manufacturer plate new back up teak

The pictures show the new centerboard trunk cap. The old teak wood plate holding the manufacturer plate was pretty bad so a new thicker teak plate was put in place.  The new centerboard works great, the building effort definitely paid off.

Mast top modification and Spectra rigging

The original stainless wire shrouds and forestay where connected by this ring, and kept in place by a large bronze cotter pin. All where discarded and replaced with spectra rigging. The goal was to eliminate as much metal as possible and replacing it with the spectra correspondent diameter line. It features almost double the breaking […]

Drascombe refit and some modifications

A Flared end stainless tube used as a control arm with Spectra Line going through, allows it to hinge on both ends. The tube is 8 cm diameter so it easily fits into the centerboard slot.