Squid Designs PREDATOR

The Brainchild of John Dornellas, with input from pro spearfisherman Cameron Kirkconnell. They wanted a paddleboard to go spearfishing big fish.  The result is what we believe is the solution to many pratical needs while on the water. Ability to anchor, board that is quiet in the water,  light, fast, and the abiliy to carry lots of gear and fish. I designed the board so it is versatile enough to just fish, or go duck hunting with your dog. There are many options that can be chosen to add to the base model. upon ordering you are given a list of different systems to chose from. Many firsts you will see right here on this board. These boards are true custom boards, as unique as the owner. The board pictured below was designed for Jeremy Caulkins specifically for Kelp Bed conditions. the fin deploys and can be removed from the deck. You saw it first here. John Dornellas artwork. The Squid Hunter                                                    

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