Mast top modification and Spectra rigging

The original stainless wire shrouds and forestay where connected by this ring, and kept in place by a large bronze cotter pin. All where discarded and replaced with spectra rigging. The goal was to eliminate as much metal as possible and replacing it with the spectra correspondent diameter line. It features almost double the breaking strength and 1/7 th the weight of stainless wire. IMG_1488 The mast was also modified so these "hooks" keep the shrouds and forestay "loops" organized and provide direct routing to each place. The 4 mm spectra (3200lb break strength) is further protected with 6 mm spectra cover, and whipped. The Hooks are bonded with epoxy and Stainless screws where used  to keep it all in place while gluing. In time I will finish the top of the mast with something interesting. IMG_1807 (1) My only concession to the stainless evil, the forestay pennant gets connected to the forestay wire which has been retained as it is sewn into the furling jib. All spectra rigging is terminated with brummel splices IMG_1808 (1) The main Traveller stainless wire was eliminated and inst place a spectra line with a Herreshoff bronze block to add character to the project. IMG_2326  

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